Brut IPA — also called Hop Champagne, is a newish beer style trending out of San Francisco. The term Xtra Brut refers to the fact that the beer is fermented bone dry with Champagne yeast. The aim is to showcase the hops with the hop additions made in a way to reduce bitterness accentuating flavour and adding some perceived sweetness. In contrast to the Hazy Murky IPAs of late, Xtra Brut IPA has minimal color from a simple pils malt grain bill and is then filtered crystal clear, the beer has a very thin mouthfeel, a bone-dry finish all designed to get maximum impact from the hops, making them pop in fact. The hops we went for were mostly German including the newish German grown, American hop Amarillo, with a heathy dose of NZ Motueka biffed

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