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Aotearoa are you up for some quirky slams? Within Destruction and Signs of The Swarm are the first metal bands to hit our shores in this new age!
Expanding from their slamming deathcore roots, Within Destruction have crafted one of the most diverse deathcore sounds in recent history. Their latest album, Yōkai, uses a unique combination of urban, Japanese, hip-hop and metal cultures along with countless moments of barbaric, slam-tinted brutality.
Above and beyond that, Within Destruction have created a sprawling, genre-spanning heavy sound that features something for everyone between spastic slams, lacerating blast-beats, ruthless bars and explosive beats. – Connor Welsh, New – Transcendence
Combining various styles such as Death Metal, Slam, and Hardcore, each song Signs Of The Swarm conjures is sure to maim and crush. With their catchy riffs, raunchy breakdowns, maniacal vocals and off-the-rails, and unapologetically heavy brand of sonic deviance, Signs Of The Swarm is quickly causing a stir within the underground… – sputnikmusic.com
17 Jun Friday! – Christchurch, @ 12 Bar
18 Jun Saturday! – Wellington, @ Moon
19 Jun Sunday – Auckland, @ Whammy
Tickets on sale Monday 8th November 10am, UTR.co.nz — > https://bit.ly/SlaminDeathcore
WITHIN DESTRUCTION – https://sadboikroo.com

Valhalla Touring shows do not tolerant any form of harassment! Any untoward behaviour please bring your concerns to bar staff or persons wearing the Green Merlin’s Pass Laminate